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ABOUT US Territory Gymnastics Academy Inc.

Established in December 2014, we began running our first gymnastics programs in January 2015.

We offer a broad range of Recreational and Competitive Classes, and provide a high-quality, challenging

and rewarding program for all ages & abilities.

TGA is a not-for-profit club , successful through our members, sponsors and those willing to 'lend a hand'. We wish to T H A N K everyone involved in the club and look forward to continuing to achieve our club goals. We are excited to lay the foundations and continually strengthen our club through in a facility that offers high-performance gymnastics programs as well as recreational and performance teams ready to showcase what we do!   


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TGA's Mission & Vision

To provide high quality gymnastics training and opportunities for the growth and development of each individual athlete.

Our Aim is to become recognised as a leader in the community for providing excellence in gymnastics coaching at all levels. We aim to be completely supportive of, and supported by, the community.

​Our emphasis on The Team ensures that all of our members exhibit integrity, team spirit and confidence of self, as well as confidence in others. Our student's time at our facility should be the HIGHLIGHT of their day!


We are STRONGER and FLY HIGHER as a TEAM!     


Our current competitive and recreational uniforms. 


Training Leotards (loads of designs!) ... from $40.00

TGA-branded Training Leotards ... $66.00

BOYS Training Singlet ... $45.00

BOYS Training Longs ... $65.00

TGA CLUB Polo Shirt ... $32.00

GIRLS 3/4 TGA-branded Tights ... $38.00

GIRLS Junior Competition Leotard (Team Athletes, Levels 1-2 only) ... $85.00

GIRLS Competition Leotards (Team Athletes, Levels 3-10 only) ... $195.00

BOYS Competition Leotard (All MAG Team Athletes, Levels 1+) ... $80.00

BOYS Competition Longs ... $70.00

BOYS Competition Shorts ... $39.00

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